KICK START your WEIGHT LOSS and your METABOLISM with Seasonal Eating and a gentle Fall CLEANSE!

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Introduction to Seasonal Eating and a Gentle Fall Cleanse!

Digestion is King in your health and wellness journey! Learn how to safely optimize your digestion and kickstart your metabolism. Explore how

a gentle cleanse can clear physical and

mental congestion, and improve

focus and mood.

Learn the dietary guidelines, exercise, and mental regimen to safely and effectively do at home. Transition from summer into fall

with a renewed sense of motivation

for the new season.


Integrated Wellness Consultant, Weight Management Coach and Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

JoAnne has over two decades of experience in integrated wellness, using multiple modalities from both holistic eastern and western philosophies to help people achieve health mastery.  

She has taught gentle seasonal cleansing in a personal and group format successfully since 2005. Everyone has a unique physical and energetic makeup, so each cleanse is specific to the individual.


What you'll learn:

One: The Preparation Phase

Discover how improving your digestive health can stimulate your metabolism. Learn how to prepare for a gentle cleanse both physically and mentally. Uncover simple dietary modifications to start and mental practices to implement.

Two: The Cleansing Phase

Learn the do’s and don’ts of cleansing. Explore the meal menu options and sample of 3-6 day program. Explore the physical and mental symptoms that may be presented as you cleanse.

Three: The Rejuvenation Phase and Benefits of Seasonal Eating

Learn the safe transition out of your cleanse. The Rejuvenation phase is the most important. It’s imperative to know what to do and how long to do it to succeed in your cleansing efforts. Learn how Seasonal Eating can support you in your efforts.

Hi, I’m JoAnne

an integrative wellness consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of The Meal magazine- a quarterly publication that inspires people to connect to food and the meal experience.

I have over two decades of experience helping people optimize their lives through one-on-one coaching, group seminars, and workshops. I am a certified health coach, weight management consultant, and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Having studied Ayurveda in India and the United States, I integrate the Ayurvedic philosophy into customized nutrition and wellness plans for individuals and organizations. 

Through my proprietary 4M Method  individuals learn nutrition, fitness, meditation, and mindset training to promote healthier, more balanced lifestyles.

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